It’s October still…but winter seems as if it is right around the corner….I am ignoring it..



I Love the turning of the colors on the trees.


I am not looking forward to the time shift..I wish they would do away with daylight savings! 

  November 3rd


There are only so many day until Christmas–want to see–find the Christmas Clock


The big re-arrangement of the sewing space is moving at a snails pace (is there something slower than a snails pace?) -turns out I didn’t like what I thought I was going to do–so, going to try another something else…to be continued… i I will still post pics on the blog when it’s done. I



Made some witch/wizard hats (i guess it thinks its funny–it will only import sideways!) 


I also made a pair of princess slippers (she doesn’t have them yet so no pic) out of this:




I am also now extremely sure that the twilight zone has me trapped in the twilight zone- I am still  working on borders-slowly- I think a pixie is undoing my work at night…these borders (it is just a lap quilt) seem to be never ending!!:




more info is available on my blog