Fall is in the air!!

And some people say winter is skipping fall due to this snow on the mountain




But this always happens–usually during Reno Championship Air Race Week 


Last weekend was the Sierra 2 Sage Shop Hop




 This years shop hop was a vast improvement over the last few–and with an :ugly fabric" challenge to run with next years–I am certain next year will be just a good. I checked in with those shop that had a facebook presence-maybe those that didn’t will have next year.


These are the "ugly fabrics" that I collected.

I have already designed my quilt, and is should  use all but 6" (if I did my math right) of the fabric-way over the minimum requirement :-)


 I have been furiously working on Christmas presents, and I am feeling way behind….so more Christmas music and sewing this weekend hopefully will set that in a better place.


This one that I have named twilight zone is still in my hoop…yes still…sometimes life happens:




more info is available on my blog