It’s August but September is fast approaching…



Thankfully the fires have settled down. 



 Hot August Nights      has come and gone…next up is Burning Man  and the Nugget Rib Cookoff 


I have been working on deciding Christmas presents and pulling patterns and materials together 


There are only so many day until Christmas–want to see–find the Christmas Clock


The big re-arrangement of the sewing space is moving at a snails pace-turns out I didn’t like what I thought I was going to do–so, going to try something else…to be continued… i I will still post pics on the blog when it’s done. I



I am still working on turtles


I am also now sure that the twilight zone has me trapped in the twilight zone- I am still  working on borders-slowly- I think a pixie is undoing my work at night…these borders (it is just a lap quilt) seem to be never ending!!:




more info is available on my blog