October !! I pretty much missed it…


WEll–remember I said I had a new grand daughter?


And remember I said since its been a couple of years, I forgot just how much time Grammies want to spend with the new one, and then need to spend with the older ones..well I have still been very busy being a Grammy–and loving every minute of it! I am very fortunate to have all three of my grand children in my town, and I get to see them almost daily :-)

And I have sill been working on mystery projects–you know the ones that are gifts – for both clients and family -yes I AM working on Christmas. And, I got one commissioned project done, and another prob about 25% of the way.

 So the only holiday left is Halloween -and here in the State of Nevada–NEVADA DAY-




  • 31st- NEVADA Day and Halloween!




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