My how time flies…it will be Christmas sooner than we think …

Christmas is in 98 days! as of this writing

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I feel the pinch because my Janome 550E has been stuck on the dock—it is FINALLY off the dock and soon to be in my hands–next week… – those Christmas presents and goodies for the store can soon get underway

However, my new Anniversary edition Janome 3160 did arrive

Janome 3160pg

She is my new travel machine – replacing a Babylock Audrey (don’t worry – she is rolling in to take the place of the “big box brother” my one grand is currently using🙂)

I was happily surprised with the crispness of her stitches. My only complaint, and only because I have some vision challenge, is the lack of harp lighting…this was a $6 fix from Amazon.

Else wise I have been working on tea cozies still. Six more to finish in this batch. I am then going to make some mug rugs as the store is low on them. By the I hope to have the rest of the pieces for the 12 sets of chicken placemats I’ve cut

this set has already rehomed…
these are waiting for their combs, wattles and beaks to get cut…

12 placemats means cutting 48 combs, 48 wattles, 48 beaks, 48 egg whites, and 48 egg yolks. These have to be hand cut. The upside is, my youngest granddaughter likes to cut things out (for the moment- you know kids) and she’s pretty darn good at it!🥰

Also, ongoing embroidery projects while watching tv with the hubby- we will soon be married for 45 years💜

a bit of embroidery whimsy

What’s under your needle?

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