You really don’t need a lot of tools. That being said…there are tools that will make your life easier..some of my favorites (besides the gypsy cutter)

Single-hole needle plate-many machines do not come with these-I think they are worth the expense. It is wise to use something to remind you that it’s in place–I prefer low tech here.:

BTW- did you know that breaking a needle can actually damage your machine? Make sure you find all the pieces

You should change your needle after approximately 8 hours of sewing time-needles are cheaper than repair bills. The right needle for what you are sewing is important too. Universal is ok for most, but you get better results if you match the needle to the project.

 I use My Pad for needles to keep mine straight. The Flower topped pin reminds me what I have in the machine.

The other item that is extremely helpful  is a quarter-inch foot (or two–like seam rippers–they sometimes are not where you think they should be when you need them)

I also added some light…newer machines come with harp lighting… I added to my 1471 also.

Then there are some other old-school tools I like-porcupine quill stilettos and bamboo seem creasers–this one was my Grammy’s. The creaser for small things (like block pieces) is wonderful when it is hot and you really don’t want to turn the iron on.

This quilt has lots of triangles-not my favorite–but this Nifty Notions ruler (discontinued-but there are like rulers out there) is one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to get a whole set before they were discontinued.

And you may ask why the wonder clips? A cat named Lilo (every bit as much trouble as her namesake.) A pile of pieces to this cat is like a pile of autumn leaves to a kid…

All these triangles can make for some fat seems at the point, I have a “Seams Perfect” mallet, but I also use this espresso tamper….can’t tell you what brand as I have worn off the brand ?

What’s under your needle?

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