Sometimes, small progress is good. Baby steps in the right direction. So this came out of the hoop and got trimmed–ready to bind–but it has been TOO HOT to make binding!

This is what went in the hoop-it will have a wine bag to go with it –

This is what will go in the hoop next:

This is just a handwork side project..cause I thought it was pretty- it will be a wall hanging after it gets borders and binding (the binding is already made for this one–because, well–pre-made!)

The last wool-work finished- a table runner with Turkeys on both ends…

The next wool- work I will start on

The 11 year old granddaughters project to finish ( a key fob–well-four of them)

5 year old has a pillowcase half done (it inside out presently)

In the works….had been in the WIP pile for a long time as the pattern got misplaced….

Some fabric post cards I will put in the store when I figure out how to fix pictures on the website–did you know if sized and made correctly-fabric post cards are legal to mail? 

What’s been under your needle??

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